Pet Of The Month

Here is our March Pet of the Month! Meet Tuna

Tuna is very loved and cared for kitty. His mom was very happy to hear he was our Pet of the Month. This is what she had to say about him.

Nearly 10 years ago this tiny bundle of furry adorableness joined our family. He was chosen at the Lincoln County Humane Society by our youngest daughter who was just 6 years old at the time (or maybe it was the other way around….HE chose HER!). Aptly named “Tuna” for his love of food derived from the ocean, he quickly became an important member of our human and furry family. Beginning with our 2 dogs, over the years Tuna was joined by two more cats, Sushi and Shrimp. Tuna is the consummate low energy, high affection cat. He’s 17+ lbs of tabby, and is a lover, not a fighter. He is often seen snuggling with his one true love Sushi, kneading away and demanding pets while on his humans’ laps, or sleeping on top of them at all hours of the night.  We are so blessed to have this big guy in our lives and thank the staff at Martindale Animal Clinic for consistently providing extraordinary and compassionate care to him, and to our other fur babies. #ourvetrocks #martindaleanimalclinic #tabbycatsrule #bigtuna

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April 6, 2023 8:58AM

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