Veterinary Surgery

At Martindale Animal Clinic, we provide veterinary surgery for your pet that focuses on compassionate care and takes your pet’s pain needs into consideration.

We provide many cat and dog surgery services at our clinic including routine spay and neuters as well as more complex surgeries including soft-tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries. Occasionally, we refer our patients to specialists who are board certified veterinary surgeons to perform complex operations.

Common types of surgeries that we offer include:

  • Spaying
  • Neutering
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Surgery

Superior Vet Surgery Practices

We understand that any surgical procedure can be concerning for owners which is why we feel it is important to explain and educate you about our cat and dog surgery practices.

In addition to the educational information we will provide you about your pet’s surgery, you will find that our well-equipped facility as well as our highly trained, knowledgeable staff better prepares us to handle your pet’s surgical needs.

At Martindale Animal Clinic we house a complete laboratory.  Prior to any surgical or anesthetic procedure our patients have a pre-surgical blood screen performed. With this blood sample we can assess:

  • Liver and kidney function
  • Red blood cells
  • Blood protein
  • Glucose

The results of these tests are available in 12 minutes. We believe it is important to get test results quickly in order to ensure that the blood can be assessed the same morning that our patients come into the clinic for surgery.

Contact us today to book an appointment or for more information about the veterinary surgery procedures we provide.