At Martindale Animal Clinic we house a complete laboratory.  This equipment can provide us with diagnostic data within minutes to hours of seeing an ill patient. The speed of obtaining these results is invaluable when we have a patient who is in critical condition.

Prior to any surgical/anesthetic procedure our patients have a pre-surgical blood screen performed. With this blood sample we can assess:

  • Liver and kidney function, these are the organs that metabolize and excrete the anesthetic
  • The red blood cells as these are the cells that carry the oxygen through the body
  • Blood protein
  • Glucose

The results of these tests are available in 12 minutes. At Martindale Animal Clinic we believe it is important to get test results quickly in order to ensure that the blood can be assessed the same morning that our patients come into the clinic for surgery.

Our laboratory, in conjunction with our lab technicians evaluate and assess:

  • Red and white blood cells
  • Blood chemistries
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal examination for parasites
  • Tests for specific viruses
  • Samples under the microscope to diagnose:
  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Parasites

Most of the lab equipment that is needed for blood and urine evaluation is available here at our clinic. This is extremely important for critical medical cases. Our on-site laboratory allows us to provide rapid test results and diagnosis to ensure timely lifesaving treatment for our patients.

Call us today for more information about our laboratory services or to book an appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians.