Dr. Lindsay Davis


I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2010 and have worked with several great veterinary teams across southern Ontario. I serve as the exotic mammal veterinarian for the Lincoln County Humane Society (St. Catharines) on a voluntary basis for the last seven years and in light of my dedication to helping animals, I was selected from across all of Ontario as the recipient of the “2018 SPCA Welfare Award”. I believe that all animals deserve an exceptional, high quality of medical care regardless of their size or species. In addition to treating dogs and cats, I provide specialized care to rabbits. I have cared for a high volume of rabbits and care deeply for these delicate pets. I have also completed additional training in dental surgery and I'm passionate about this important component of companion animal wellness. Finally, I feel a fear-free experience is an essential part of every appointment. Treats abound when Dr. Lindsay's around! 

I share my home with several beloved, rescued bunnies including King Henry, a handsome (and huge!) Flemish Giant. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, running, baking for my family, and hitting the slopes in the winter.

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