Most Important Things I Have Learned From Dogs

Most of the important things I know I have learned from dogs.

Most of the important things I know I have learned from dogs.

I have lived with dogs my whole life which now equates to almost 1/2 a century. Most of the important things I know I have learned from my dog.

I know that living in the moment is the happiest place to be. Worrying about the past will not change previous events. Worrying about the future usually causes unneeded concern as most of it never occurs. If you are not living in the moment, where are you?

photo 2I know that most joy comes from simple things. I anticipate dinner every day and have been known (to the embarrassment of my children) to lick my plate, unaware of who may be watching.

There is nothing better than a walk to lift your spirits. Cool rainy days can be just as good as warm summer ones to appreciate the mood elevating effects of getting outside. Sharing this with my dog only makes it about ten times better.

Having a nap by the fire on a Saturday afternoon is definitely towards the top of my list. The dog bed beneath me, warm, soft and smelling pleasantly like my dog Petunia.

I have learned that in a new social situation being like the Golden Retriever in the room fosters new friendships. Standing shyly in the corner does not work. Hopping into the room wagging your tail, not worrying what people think and risk being a little silly and goofy allows other people to let their guard down.

photo 3Wake up in the morning like it is going to be the best day of your life. Step out of the front door with joy because today is going to be the day you are going to catch that squirrel. At night go to bed tired, happy and let your mind be quiet. The occasional satisfying toots are ok.

Ask my dog Petunia. She will tell you that she teaches me every day how to do it right!

Dr. Elizabeth McGill

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