Senior pet wellness is one of the most important areas where we can improve the quality of life of our pets.

Sometimes when older pets are slowing down their symptoms are misinterpreted as a regular part of aging. Often, however, your senior pet is slowing down due to a health concern that can be alleviated by your veterinarian.  A few common health conditions commonly seen in older pets include arthritis, dental disease, under active thyroid glands, and kidney disease. All of these can be treated to improve your senior pets quality of life.

After the age of eight regular examinations and wellness testing are extremely important and can play a large role in improving your senior pet’s overall quality of life. Identifying problems early gives us the best chance of keeping your pet healthy long term. Pets are very good at hiding pain and discomfort so by checking their blood and urine we can catch any early changes. Senior Wellness testing includes a CBC (complete blood cell count) to look for changes in the red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets that can signify disease, a blood chemistry profile checking proteins, electrolytes, blood sugar, and a more detailed assessment of the liver and kidneys. Thyroid hormone levels are also assessed, as it is relatively common in older pets to have lower or higher hormone levels, which can indicate an under or over-functioning thyroid gland or other illness. We will also collect and evaluate a urine sample. These tests help us detect illness that your pet simply can’t tell you about. However, the good news is your pet can usually let you know they appreciate their improved quality of life through their increased energy and return to old habits.

We feel that one of the most important parts of an examination and visit is ensuring that all of your questions are answered. Call us today (905) 682- 5551 or click here to book an appointment for a senior wellness examination and help keep your pet healthy! House calls can also be arranged when warranted.