Our Veterinary Hospital is on a Mission to Keep Your Pet Healthy

The goal of the veterinarians and staff at our veterinary hospital is to ensure that your pet is in optimal health.  Our usual patients include dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. We provide you and your pet with a wide variety of professional services, including:

  • Wellness and vaccination programs
  • Compassionate medical services
  • Experienced surgical services

Additional services including:

  • Anaesthesia and patient monitoring
  • Delivery service
  • Premium diets
  • Full pharmacy
  • Full scan radiographs
  • In-house laboratory

Our mission is to provide quality and compassionate health care to your pet.  In order to meet this goal we ensure that staff at our Niagara pet hospital always:

  • Have an open dialogue and discuss all options with you
  • Make post surgical pain management and management of pain associated with illness a priority
  • Provide palliative care when a cure is not possible
  • Understand that our patients are a part of your family
  • Make our patient’s visit as pleasant as possible with gentle handling and exam room treats
  • Provide preventative health in the form of client education

What Makes Our Veterinary Clinics Different?

The veterinarians and staff at our veterinary clinics understand that our patients are part of your human family. Our goal is to ensure that every pet feels like a part of our family during their stay.

There are times when animals in need of a home come our way.  We always treat these animals:

  • For health issues
  • Provide spaying or neutering
  • Give necessary medical exams and tests such as Feline Leukemia Testing and Canine Heartworm Testing

In addition, we do our best to find a home for these animals so that they can find a family of their own. We love all the cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and other animals that we treat.

At Our Vet Hospital We Ensure You Have Access to a Veterinarian Whenever You Need One.

At our vet hospital it is our goal to ensure that you always have access to a veterinarian.  Contact us today to book an appointment to see one of our veterinarians and inquire if a house call can be arranged.
In Case of an Emergency Contact Our Vet Hospitals

Our Niagara pet hospital is equipped to handle any emergency.  We are happy to treat emergencies during our regularly scheduled hours. After hour emergencies are handled by our Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

Whether you have an emergency or would like to book an appointment with one of our qualified veterinarians. Our veterinary hospital is ready to care for your pet and house calls can also be arranged.

the various hours and types of services offered at different times as per current website contact information for emergency patients (Niagara Vet Emergency Clinic) if client approves.