Having grown up in Ottawa we often visited the Central Experimental Farm, which is a working farm for educational purposes, and thus from an early age I was fascinated by animals. Although growing up we had cats as pets, my parents would also take me on family farm vacations where I would always be intrigued by the farm animals and wanted to know more about them. After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 2002, I worked in Windsor for two years in small animal practice. Being too young to stay in one place however, my husband and I decided to uproot our life and move it to England (pets and all) where I worked for two years in Dorchester, Dorset, which proved to be a very rewarding experience (although having to treat a poorly chicken on my first day of work at a small animal clinic was a daunting experience). We lived in a small village in one of the most beautiful parts of England, but eventually we began to miss the Canadian seasons and our families and decided to move back to Canada. Shortly thereafter in 2006 I came to work at Martindale Animal Clinic in one of the most beautiful regions in Canada and coincidentally another wine region. Since then my husband and I welcomed our daughter in 2012 who, after saying her first word "dat" and pointing at the cat, told us she shares the same fascination with animals. Sadly, we had to say good-bye to our 16-year-old chocolate lab Loki in 2016 however we still have our cats (Puck, Rhea and Vesta) who keep us from taking life too seriously. After all these years I am still passionate about working at Martindale Animal Clinic. Although my veterinary education has equipped me with the tools to treat countless diseases, I have found preventing many problems in our pets a much more satisfying achievement. There are several preventable problems, whether it is dental disease, obesity, behavioural disorders, or urinary diseases, and I have found over the years that a little education goes a long way in keeping pets healthy and happy.

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