Senior pet wellness is one of the most important areas where we can improve the quality of life of our pets.

Sometimes when older pets are slowing down their symptoms are misinterpreted by their owners as a regular part of aging. Often, however, your senior pet is just experiencing a problem that can be alleviated by your veterinarian.  A few of the problems and conditions commonly seen in older pets that can be improved include:

  • Arthritis
  • Dental disease
  • Under active thyroid glands
  • Kidney disease

At Martindale Animal Clinic our clients are usually surprised at how quickly their elderly cat can jump on the bed again once their arthritis is treated, or how their sluggish “old” dog regains their pep when their thyroid condition is treated. We often hear how people appreciate being with their pet again now that they don’t have that horrible breath.
Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

After the age of ten regular examinations and wellness testing are extremely important and can play a large role in improving your senior pet’s overall quality of life.  We help you detect problems that your pet simply can’t tell you about. However, the good news is your pet can usually let you know they appreciate their improved quality of life through their increased energy and return to old habits.

Contact us today to book a senior pet wellness examination and take the first step towards improving their quality of life. We also offer house calls when needed.