As any veterinarian knows, fleas account for a large proportion of the skin problems identified in cats and dogs. And all it takes is a safe and easy flea treatment to ease the discomfort your pet deals with when fleas are around.

For some pets, even one flea bite can trigger an intense itch in the skin. Your pet then begins to chew and scratch at the skin causing:

  • Hair loss
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Bacterial infections

Your pet can pick up fleas even by one trip to the back yard. The flea jumps on your pet, comes into the house and then lays eggs at the rate of 50 eggs per flea per day. By the end of one month you can have 250,000 fleas and eggs in your home.

Flea Prevention
There are some very safe and effective flea treatment choices for pet owners. Advantage or Revolution drops are applied to your pet’s skin just once every month. The product spreads naturally over your pet’s entire body in about 12 hours and it stays for a month. Most animals won’t even notice the drops, but any time a flea jumps onto your pet it is killed before it has a chance to bite.

Advantage and Revolution are also very effective at eliminating a flea infestation in your home. Within 12 hours all of the fleas on the pet are dead. As your pet goes about its daily routine in the house, walking around and making a happy mess, the fleas hiding around the house jump back on to feed and are killed. Within about 41 days all of the fleas are gone. However the flea egg can lay dormant in your house for 6 months. So it is important to continue the product for 6 months so when those eggs hatch into fleas and jump onto the pet they cannot start the cycle again.

These flea treatment products are dispensed by prescription only and we must have an active medical file on your pet to be able to dispense them.  Contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more about flea treatment and prevention methods for your pet.